The best time for beer fans has arrived! Join the most refreshing experience with our Sonora Beer Society membership, with which you can enjoy up to 6 of your favorite beers, any day you visit us and at any time in our concepts Parrilla Urbana, Sonora Grill and Sonora Prime in all our branches of the country.

Find it in our 3 concepts

Acquire it monthly or quarterly at any branch of the group and activate it with your first visit.

Monthly $890

Quarterly $2,490

*Terms and Conditions


A) PLACE OF USE OF MEMBERSHIP: You can validate the membership in the establishments of the brands Sonora Grill, Sonora Prime and Parrilla Urbana.

B) MEMBERSHIP effective date: Once paid, the Sonora BEER SOCIETY membership will be activated on the first visit made at any of our branches.

C) Termination of the validity of the MEMBERSHIP: Once the monthly or quarterly validity expires, the date following its acquisition in the month or quarter.


a. Montly: $890.00 M.N. (Eight hundred and ninety pesos) and

b. Quarterly: $2,490.00 M.N. (Two thousand four hundred ninety pesos) mexican pesos, plus Value Added Tax (VAT).

TYPE OF MEMBERSHIP ACQUIRED. The amount of the payment defines the time that is acquired for having different prices. The COMPANY will provide the corresponding card for your accreditation.


1. It can be acquired by people over 18 years of age.

2. You can only purchase one per person, and it is non-transferable.

3. It will be used only at the points of sale indicated in this contract.

4. Limited to be used with food consumption only.

5. Valid every day at the indicated points of sale.

6. The CLIENT must show an official identification for its use.

7. The MEMBERSHIP is not applicable with other promotions.

8. Applies only to participating labels defined in this contract.

9. Participating labels subject to availability, where the company will always have at least five (5) of the referred brands available for consumption.

10. In case of loss, the card will be replaced, presenting valid official identification, proof of payment, and additional payment of $ 100.00 mn (One hundred pesos).

11. You cannot “order to go” the product or service.

12. The payment of the membership implies the acceptance of the client of each and every one of the conditions of this adhesion contract, it recognizes that it has read and was explained by the company and understands its scope, so it has full knowledge of the terms and conditions.

The participating labels are:

1. Corona, Corona Light, corona zero, León, Pacífico, Montejo, Negra Modelo, Modelo Especial, Victoria, Stella, Michelob Ultra, Cucapá ámbar, Cucapá Obscura, Cucapá Valiente, Bocanegra Pilsner, Bocanegra Dunkel, Sofie, León.

2. Limited to 6 individual beers per day and per membership purchased.

3. The MEMBERSHIP includes the selection of craft beers, all those that appear on the menu at points of sale.